[Guide] Escape From Tarkov Customs Dorms Keys You Need To Have (2024)

This is a guide that has been tailored to educate new players about the Dorms area of Customs and highlight the profitability of looting Dorms. The Dorms are a great place to farm keys, while at the same time, they are also great for farming safes, ammo, and weapons. On top of that, you have a debatable marked room to loot if you have the key.

Room 110 key

[Guide] Escape From Tarkov Customs Dorms Keys You Need To Have (1)

Dorms 110 key guide: https://youtu.be/QkeCPDk17bU

Dorms room 110 is located in two story dorms on Customs and is located on the far side of the building, opposite to the entrance to the area. As you can see, this room is easy to identify due to the piece of paper that has been placed on the door. This room has a safe and several loot spawns, such as a secure flash drive, a fuel conditioner, and a diary.

This room, along with all the others on this list, will be part of your "Dorms loot run." Another great aspect of doing this run is that the keys are surprisingly cheap. This key is sold on the flea market for 25,000 rubles, and I guarantee you that your investment will be shortly returned. One decent safe item can be worth much more than 25,000 rubles, and there are nine (3x3) slots in a safe.

What's great about Dorms 110

  • Easy to identify.
  • The key is dirt-cheap.
  • The room has some useful hideout loot spawns.
  • The room contains a safe.
  • Great ROI and a simple room to get you started on this loot run.

Room 114 key

[Guide] Escape From Tarkov Customs Dorms Keys You Need To Have (2)

Dorms 114 key guide: https://youtu.be/hYKy2c7Msi8

Dorms room 114 is a good couple to the Dorms room 110, considering the fact that they are literally facing each other. This can be seen in the image above. This room also contains a safe, along with a medcase, a pc, and loose loot.

At the time of writing this article, this key is worth over 230,000 rubles as it is a quest key needed to complete the task, “Pharmacist” for Therapist. I would advise searching for this key in the pockets of scavs or jackets as I did, since spending ~230,000 rubles for this key is a bit of a waste. If you were to buy this key, you should be able to make a good return in a few raids.

What's great about Dorms 114

  • Is a quest item room.
  • The room is opposite one of the easiest rooms to locate on Dorms.
  • The room has a medcase and a pc.
  • The room contains a safe.
  • Expensive at the moment, but can still make you money.

Guard Desk key

[Guide] Escape From Tarkov Customs Dorms Keys You Need To Have (3)

Guard Desk key guide: https://youtu.be/9-OTkgKEymk

As you walk into two story Dorms and take a right you will approach the guard desk room. Inside you can find a weapon rack, a weapon box, a wall key holder, some weapon mods on the guard desk, and two wooden ammo boxes. This room is great for finding weapons and ammo during the early wipe and can also spawn the 105 key in the wall key holder.

The only issue with this room is how visible you are to the outside while looting. Let's say an enemy PMC is looting the other dorms and peers outside, your body will be visible and very shootable. I can confirm this, as I had an incident where an enemy player killed me through a window from three story Dorms, while I was comfortably crouched in the guard desk room thinking I was safe and sound. The room does have its downsides, however, this key is very cheap, sitting at 10,900 rubles on the flea market.

What's great about Guard Desk room

  • Lots of guns spawns.
  • Can spawn high-tier ammo.
  • Very cheap key.
  • Is very well lit…
  • Very good ROI.

Room 105 Key

[Guide] Escape From Tarkov Customs Dorms Keys You Need To Have (4)

Dorms 105 key guide: https://youtu.be/b5hexj8AWcA

The last of the rooms within two story Dorms, room 105 is on the other side of the fence within two story. The only way to get to this room is to go through the outside side-door and open it using the 105 Dorms key.

Inside of the room, you can find a safe, provisions spawns on the bed and loose barter items on the floor. This key sells for just under 50,000 rubles on the flea market, considering this is a safe room, the investment is well worth it.

What's great about Dorms 105

  • Room with a safe.
  • Barter item spawns are nice.
  • A safer room in comparison to others.
  • Depending on your spawn, it can be the first safe you go for.

Room 204 key

[Guide] Escape From Tarkov Customs Dorms Keys You Need To Have (5)

Dorms 204 key guide: https://youtu.be/bt1STOGD7K4

Now we move to three story dorms and room 204 in particular. This room is on the second floor and you will have to jump over a bed to be able to open the door. Inside, you will find a standing weapon and safe combo locker along with some loose loot.

The room is only on this list for its safe combo. Otherwise, there is not too much in terms of loot. The key is worth around 18,000 rubles on the flea market, so you are essentially spending 18,000 rubles for 40 safe uses.

What's great about Dorms 204

  • Room with a safe.
  • The safe is a two-in-one combo with a weapon locker.
  • Very cheap key.
  • The room will be easy to get to if you scale the stairs outside of the Dorms.
  • A good room to use in case you fight Reshala down the corridor of the second floor.

Room 214 key

[Guide] Escape From Tarkov Customs Dorms Keys You Need To Have (6)

Dorms 214 key guide: https://youtu.be/F1vGHKSYkW0

Remember when I was talking about Dorms room 204 and mentioned fighting Reshala down the corridor of the second floor? Jump over the bed and walk as far down the corridor as you can, room 214 is to your left. The key costs around 17,000 rubles and has a safe, loose ammo and a possible dorm room 203 key spawn in the red mug beside the safe.

Again, the key has 40 uses and only costs 17,000. You are guaranteed to make your money back and then some within the first safe unless you’re slightly unlucky.

What's great about Dorms 214

  • Room with a safe.
  • Loose ammo spawns can come in handy
  • Just next to the room is a door that leads out to a vehicle extract, so you can have a quick and close escape.
  • Cheap key.

Marked Room Key (Room 314)

[Guide] Escape From Tarkov Customs Dorms Keys You Need To Have (7)

Marked room key guide: https://youtu.be/qBdGPDxMKPY

This room used to be one of the best keys in the game, since its nerf, the marked room has become much less consistent. The key is available for a total of 2 million rubles or you can barter trade for it.

You can actually find this key in the conventional places (jackets, drawers, pockets of scavs) and also in Reshala’s pockets. The loot in the room itself is limited these days and I advise you watch the video below to get a better understanding of the potential of this room.

Marked key runs video: https://youtu.be/NgbL53cF5xY

What's great about Marked Room key

  • Rare and expensive if found.
  • Most valuable loot on Dorms if anything spawns.
  • Can be traded for using the reserve RB keys with Jaegar.
  • Spawns can range from guns to valuable items to ammo boxes.

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[Guide] Escape From Tarkov Customs Dorms Keys You Need To Have (2024)


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