How to Fix Wi-Fi Connection Problems on LG TV (2024)

Wi-Fi connectivity is a common issue on smart devices like phones, computers, and TVs. The ability to connect to the internet turns a normal TV into a smart one. If your LG TV cannot establish a connection to an access point or it keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi this tutorial will help you troubleshoot and resolve connectivity issues. In some LG TV models, a hardware bug causes Wi-Fi to turn off automatically. We’ll explore all possible workarounds to fix the Wi-Fi connection problems on LG TV.

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How to Connect LG Smart TV to a Wi-Fi Network

Before we check out different methods to fix Wi-Fi connection problems on an LG TV, let’s see how to connect it to Wi-Fi first.

  1. Turn on your Wi-Fi router and keep the password handy.
  2. Press the Settings or Gear Icon button on your TV remote.
  3. Navigate to All Settings and click it to enter the TV settings.
  4. Click on Connection, highlight the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to from the list of available networks, and select it.
  5. You’ll be asked to enter the password for the Wi-Fi network. Type the password and click the Connect button.
  6. That’s it! Your LG Smart TV will be connected to the Wi-Fi.

To connect your LG TV to the internet via ethernet, plug the cable into the ethernet port at the backside of your TV.

Your LG TV will automatically detect and connect to the internet via the ethernet cable.

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Fix: Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting on LG TV

You may also encounter problems connecting your LG TV to the internet because of a hardware issue. For example, if your TV does not detect any Wi-Fi connections and says “Wi-Fi is turned off turn on to connect Wi-Fi, it means there’s some problem with the Wi-Fi module installed on your TV.

Talk to an LG support representative to get the Wi-Fi module replaced. However, before you opt for the Wi-Fi module replacement, you must try a workaround. In most cases, the module cable connecting the Wi-Fi board to the antenna causes such connectivity problems on LG Smart TVs.

Loosening the Wi-Fi cable might fix the LG TV network connection problems such as frequent Wi-Fi drops and failure to detect wireless networks.

Make sure to check 3 things after you have removed the back panel of your LG Smart TV.

  • Flatten the Wi-Fi ribbon or cable if it’s crimped.
  • Clean the connectors on both ends of the Wi-Fi cable.
  • Loosen the 5 pieces of cable in the Wi-Fi ribbon.

Let’s see how to do this.

  1. Get a screwdriver that fits appropriately in the screws used in your TV.
  2. If your LG TV is on a stand let it be that way. Unmount your LG TV from the wall or detach the TV stand and place it on a flat surface covered with a soft cloth with the TV screen downwards.
  3. Take out all the screws used on the panel edges of your TV.
  4. You won’t be able to remove that back panel of your LG TV yet as you need to take out 3 more screws as shown below.
  5. Remove the back panel of your LG TV.
  6. You’ll now be able to see the Wi-Fi module.

  7. You’ll see a blue tape that combines the 5 pieces of the Wi-Fi cable.
  8. Remove this blue tape using a blade and separate the 5 cables from each other carefully. Separating the two main wire bundles to prevent crimping will also do the job.
  9. Also, Unplug the cable from its socket, clean any dust stuck to it, and plug it back in.
  10. If you see that the Wi-Fi cable ribbon is crimped, flatten it and stick it to the base to keep it that way. Use an extra piece of tape if you need to.
  11. Put the back panel of the TV back and tighten the screw.

Now connect your LG TV to a wireless network to check if it still keeps disconnecting.

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Fix: LG TV is not Detecting Wi-Fi Networks

While loosening the Wi-Fi cable by opening the back panel of the TV is a bit complicated fix, there’s an easier way to solve the problem on LG TVs that can’t detect available networks.

Before you open up the back panel of your TV or go for the Wi-Fi module replacement for your LG TV, try the following tip.

  1. Press the Settings button on your TV remote, navigate to All Settings, and click on it.
  2. Open the General settings and click on Additional Settings.
  3. Highlight Quick Start+ and click to disable it.
  4. Having disabled Quick Start+, unplug the power cord of your TV and plug it back in after 1-2 minutes.

Now, try connecting your LG TV to a Wi-Fi network. The connection drop issue should be fixed. This worked like a charm on my LG NanoCell TV.

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Troubleshooting Network Connection Problems

If you tried the fixes described above and are still grappling with network connection problems on your LG TV, try the following tips.

Restart the Modem or Router

Blaming the TV for network connection problems is very easy. However, before you do that you should check your Wi-Fi router settings and the connection itself. Turn off your router for 1-2 minutes and then turn it on. Check if your TV connects to Wi-Fi or not. Sometimes you may have a network connectivity issue due to some problem from the network provider’s side. Call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to ensure there’s no problem with the Internet connection. Try connecting your other devices to test the connection, if you can access the internet on other devices, try the next tip.

To verify if the problem is with your TV or the Wi-Fi router, try connecting your TV to your smartphone by enabling the Hotspot feature.

Shorten the Wi-Fi Network Name

Typically, you can set any name for your Wi-Fi network (0-32 characters). However, if the security type of your Wi-Fi network is WPA2-Personal, I recommend keeping the network name short (up to 8 characters). Try connecting to your network after you have changed the name.

Change WLAN Network Band

If your internet service provider offers a 5GHz network and you have an LG Smart TV released before 2019, you may have network connection problems because the TV won’t detect the network. In that case, changing the network band from 5GHz to 2.4GHz should fix the issue.

Open the Wi-Fi router settings page in a web browser and go to Network. Look for Band and change it to 2.4GHz.

Now, reboot your Wi-Fi router and see if your TV can connect to the network. If you don’t know how to do this, contact your ISP and ask them to change the network band to 2.4GHz and the channel to 6 or 11.

Place the Wi-Fi Router near the TV

The large flat surface of the TV and the antenna’s location (which typically faces the wall) might cause radio frequency signal interference. It may result in a weak signal or a Wi-Fi connection drop intermittently. To eliminate the radio frequency signal interference, it is recommended to keep your Wi-Fi router near the TV and ensure there are no obstructions. Alternatively, you can try a Wi-Fi Repeater to strengthen the signal. It may help fix the Wi-Fi connection problem on your LG TV.

Connect LG TV to the Internet via Ethernet Cable

If there’s some problem with the Wi-Fi module of your TV and it can’t connect to a network wirelessly, Connecting your TV to the internet with the ethernet cable is a better idea than going for a Wi-Fi module replacement on your LG TV.

Unblock Your TV’s MAC Address

Sometimes, ISPs blacklist certain MAC addresses and this may cause connection issues. If this is the case, contact your internet service provider and request them to unblock the MAC address of your TV.

  1. Go to All Settings > General > About This TV and look for the MAC Address (Wireless).
  2. Note the address, contact your ISP, and request them to add it to the whitelist.

You can do it yourself by opening the Wi-Fi router settings page in a web browser and going to the router’s firewall settings.

Reset Your LG TV

If you tried every tip in this guide and still can’t connect your TV to a Wi-Fi network, consider performing a factory reset.

  1. Press the Settings button on your LG TV remote and navigate to All Settings > General.
  2. Highlight the Reset to Initial Settings and click on it.
  3. Confirm the reset and go through the initial setup on your TV.

Try connecting to your wireless network by going to the Connection settings.

Update LG TV Firmware to the Latest Version

If none of the tips and tricks to fix the LG TV Wi-Fi connection problems worked for you and your TV still keeps disconnecting, consider updating your LG TV’s firmware to the latest version.

Use Amazon Fire TV or Roku Stick

Well, using an Amazon Fire TV stick or Roku stick or box is not a solution to fix Wi-Fi connection problems but it might at least let you enjoy smart TV features unless the connectivity issues of your TV are fixed.

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